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The weight of AutoWallis shares in the BUX index almost doubles


The weight of AutoWallis shares in the BUX basket increases by more than 90% compared to the last Budapest Stock Exchange resolution of last September. Based on this decision, the shares of the listed automotive company will have a weight factor of 0.5098% in the index as of March 21, thereby occupying the 10th highest position in the list.

The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) decision contributes to the realization of AutoWallis’s capital market strategy, one of the objectives of which is to continue increasing the capital market activity of the corporation, and the free float and market liquidity of the shares. As part of this strategy, AutoWallis has raised a total of HUF 21 billion in the last two years alone (HUF 9.6 billion in bonds and HUF 11.4 billion in shares). In the course of the Company’s public offering last year that yielded results exceeding all expectations, retail and institutional investors submitted subscription applications totaling more than HUF 17 billion compared to the HUF 6-8 billion originally planned. The significance of the offering is shown by the fact that subscription of this magnitude has not been seen on the BSE for more than 10 years. After 2020, last year’s capital increase by AutoWallis was again recognized by the Budapest Stock Exchange panel of experts, which awarded “The Share Capital Increase of the Year” to the Company at the Best of BSE Award Gala. More than 1,200 investors have participated in the current public offering, and the Company now has more than 4,000 shareholders, which provides a significant contribution to the liquidity of the shares. Székely Gábor, Director of Investor Relations for AutoWallis explained that an important element of the capital market development is that in 2022 AutoWallis plans to continue expanding its participation in the Budapest Stock Exchange market development program, meaning its shares will be included in the market-making program as well as the analysis program, which can also contribute to increasing the sales of its shares. The analysis program will continue as before, with Concorde Értékpapír Zrt. providing regular analyses of the listed automotive company’s shares. AutoWallis shares will also be analyzed by OTP Bank and Kalliwoda Research.

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The weight of AutoWallis shares in the BUX index almost doubles