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Starting today, AutoWallis shares can be subscribed at OTP Bank


The largest public offering on the Hungarian stock exchange in recent years has kicked off Retail investors who submit their subscription applications to OTP Bank until November 9 can purchase shares newly issued by AutoWallis in the HUF 107-122 price range (as of Monday, the 30-day moving average is HUF 126). This is the largest public offering in Hungary in recent years, meaning the transaction is important for the whole Hungarian capital market. The vehicle company registered on the Budapest Stock Exchange plans to increase its revenue to more than four times and its EBITDA by more than six times compared to 2020 figures by 2025. The primary goal of AutoWallis’s public offering, planned to amount to HUF 6-8 billion but which may end up more in case of oversubscription, is to provide part of the financing for the HUF 16-38 billion in acquisitions and business developments planned by 2025

AutoWallis’s public offering was launched on Monday: it is the first on the regulated Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) market since 2017 and is an important step on the Hungarian capital market not only because of the above but also due to its planned amount. The growth strategy presented by the AutoWallis Group is the reason for the capital increase and includes transactions, acquisitions, and developments of HUF 16-38 billion by 2025. The company’s dynamic growth is bolstered by the positive processes and successful transactions of recent years, as a result of which AutoWallis may double the revenue of HUF 88 billion achieved in 2020 by the end of the current year; thanks to continued organic growth and 1-2 transactions per year, the 2020 figures may increase more than four-fold, to more than HUF 400 billion, by the middle of the decade. The growth may also become apparent in the company’s profitability: they plan to increase their EBITDA by more than six times, to HUF 14-15.2 billion, by 2025.

AutoWallis is present in 14 countries in the Central and Eastern European region with its vehicle trading and mobility service activities, and in the coming years it plans to achieve growth in three main areas: it intends to broaden its services portfolio, expand geographically of its existing Retail and Services Business Unit, and continue to strengthen its Distribution Business Unit. This latter includes bolstering its role as regional consolidator and including additional international vehicle brands in the AutoWallis Group to complement the present offering of five brands. In addition to the organic expansion of the current Retail & Services Business Unit (the Group currently represents and sells 16 vehicle brands, and represents Sixt rent-a-car), the Group primarily plans on purchasing independent retail locations and repair centers that deal with more than one brand and are definitive on the market thanks to their strategic location, in addition to also creating a presence in new countries. To achieve these goals, AutoWallis is planning on property investments that support its business activities by taking into account the principles of sustainability and the Green Finance Framework. As regards services, among others AutoWallis plans to launch a regional fleet management service, implement business development based on existing synergies (used cars, financing, insurance mediation, joint procurement), develop digital sales channels and data analysis capabilities, and develop service activities and short-term vehicle rentals.

On October 13, the National Bank of Hungary approved the company’s prospectus of the public offering (the Prospectus is available here: www.autowallis.hu/reszvenyjegyzes). The company listed in the Premium category of the BÉT plans to raise HUF 6-8 billion in capital from retail and institutional investors. According to the company’s plans, retail sales amount to HUF 1-1.5 billion and institutional sales will be between HUF 5 and 6.5 billion (in case of oversubscription, the final issue value may be up to 25% more). AutoWallis’s objective of the public offering is to increase the Company’s weight on the Hungarian stock market as well as the liquidity and traded volume of its shares. This will be the first time members of the public will be given the opportunity to participate in the company’s capital increase. The Company hopes that several hundred new investors will join the almost 2,800 retail investors with the purpose of supporting its growth strategy and supporting the listed automotive company in its success story, accompanying it along the path that will allow the AutoWallis Group to become a major vehicle trading company and mobility service provider in the Central and Eastern European region by the end of the decade.

AutoWallis’s management has prepared a video to present its plans: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBdb_d1B5kk

In case of oversubscription, the Company plans to sell a maximum of 93,457,943 new shares in the course of the sale of shares to retail and institutional investors. Retail investors can purchase AutoWallis shares at the final price that develops in the course of institutional book-building, within the HUF 107-122 price range, if they submit their subscription applications between October 25 and November 9, 2021 and meet the applicable conditions. Retail investors can make subscription offers for AutoWallis’s newly issued shares at a maximum price of HUF 122 within the HUF 107-122 price range, with the condition that if the final price is determinated less than the maximum price, the difference will naturally be returned to them. Investors can submit their subscription applications at the designated branches of OTP Bank, proceeding as lead-manager, or even via the customer service hotline or online if they already have securities account at the Bank. Institutional investors can purchase AutoWallis shares between November 2 and 9, 2021. The final share issue price will be determined jointly by the issuer and the lead-manager within the price range after the institutional book-building has been closed. Detailed information on the public offering is available on the www.otpbank.hu/autowallis website as well as in the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc2KAxmV5HU.


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