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Organisational development is also being used to support dynamic growth at AutoWallis


In support of its growth strategy, AutoWallis has decided to implement an organisational transformation: starting from September, separate directors will be heading up the company’s two business units. The listed automotive company has appointed members of its Board of Directors with extensive experience to fill the new management positions. In parallel, with the increase in regional tasks the Group’s Finance Director will continue to bolster the Distribution Business Unit in the newly created position of Director of Strategy and Business Development, with the thus vacated position filled by a new, experienced manager arriving from outside the company. The aim of these organisational changes is to ensure that business developments can effectively support, with the use of available synergies, the strategic goal of making AutoWallis Plc. a major vehicle trading company and mobility service provider in the Central and Eastern European region by the end of the decade.

AutoWallis’s Board of Directors has decided to implement organisational developments across the Group in the interest of supporting company growth by increasing organisational efficiency. As part of these changes, starting in September the Company’s two business units will be led by separate directors. The Distribution Business Unit will be led by Board Member Andrew John Prest who, in addition to his new position, will be responsible for the sale and the continued development in Hungary and other countries in the region of, among others, the Opel, Jaguar, and Land Rover brands, as the leader of Wallis Automotive Europe. The Retail & Services Business Unit will be headed up by Board Member Péter Antal, who will be responsible for the Group’s domestic and international sales of, among others, the BMW, MINI, and Maserati brands. Both experts have significant experience in the industry and have been in executive positions at Wallis Group for almost two decades. In their new positions, their tasks include ensuring that the transactions carried out last year by AutoWallis (acquiring importer’s rights for Opel in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia; acquiring the largest Opel and KIA dealership in Hungary; starting the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover models in Hungary; taking over the largest BMW dealership in Slovenia; purchasing shares in Iniciál Autóház) and any future developments best support the company’s strategy of growth. As the listed automotive company expects a significant increase in revenue and profitability even in 2021, it is important to effectively utilise the synergies within the Group and to increase operational efficacy and thus profitability as quickly as possible. AutoWallis CEO Gábor Ormosy said that the Group’s intensive growth requires the organisation’s continuous development. The task of the appointed experts is to support this substantial development in two of AutoWallis’s business units and to take the steps that this requires.

In addition to the above decisions, the increased number of strategic and business development tasks in AutoWallis’s Distribution Business Unit required the creation of a new position. This position of Wallis Automotive Europe’s Director of Strategy and Business Development will be filled by Attila Seres, AutoWallis Plc.’s former Finance Director, who, thanks to the experience gained both at the Group and prior to joining the Group, is able to provide for the operative management of the increased tasks and risks in the fastest and most efficient way possible. At the same time, Ferenc Vaczlavik was appointed AutoWallis Plc.’s Financial Director: his previous experience is a guarantee for quick integration.

Ferenc Vaczlavik has more than twenty years of experience as a manager in finance. He graduated as an economist at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and then continued his studies at the Eötvös Loránd University Institute for Postgraduate Legal Studies. His career started at Magyar Telekom (Matáv) in 1998, and he then transitioned to one of the Group’s subsidiaries to perform management tasks both in Hungary and abroad. Between 2010 and 2014, he worked at the Hungarian subsidiary of Liberty Global, Chello Central Europe, where he was responsible for the region as Financial Director. Ferenc then worked in a similar position at the Central European subsidiary of AMC Networks Inc., AMC Networks Central Europe, between 2014 and 2018.