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Information on the registration of increase in share capital


In accordance with Sections 55 and 56 of Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market and in order to comply with the disclosure requirement set out in PM Decree No. 24/2008. (VIII. 15.), AutoWallis Nyrt. (registered seat: 1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20.; hereinafter: Company) hereby informs market participants as follows.

On 12 November 2021, the Board of Directors of the Company decided to increase the share capital of the Company by issuing new shares. By an order issued today, the Company Court of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest registered the increase of the share capital to HUF 5,314,797,062.5.

The settlement of the new shares, i.e. the crediting of new shares to the investors' securities accounts, is expected to take place with a value date of 24 November 2021, and this is also the date when the shares will be admitted to trading on the Budapest Stock Exchange. Investors subscribing for shares as part of the Retail Sale will be notified of the crediting of new shares allocated to them to their securities accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Lead-manager’s business policy. The Lead-manager will inform institutional investors about the amount allocated to them as part of the Institutional Sale using the contact method specified in the framework agreement concluded with institutional investors

This publication is not qualified as advertising according to the EU Regulation No. 1129/2017. Related to the information contained in this publication the Company has published a prospectus prepared pursuant to EU Regulation No. 1129/2017 and approved by the NBH. The prospectus is publicly available on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange (https://www.bet.hu/newkibdata/128621182/AutoWallis_Osszevont%20Tajekoztato_jovahagyott_alairt.pdf), on the website of the NBH (https://kozzetetelek.mnb.hu/downloadkozzetetel?id=661680&did=K461665/2021), on the website of the Company (https://www.autowallis.hu/hu/reszvenyjegyzes), and on the website of the OTP Bank Plc., as lead-manager (https://www.otpbank.hu/portal/hu/AutoWallis_Reszvenyjegyzes).

The approval of the prospectus by the NBH does not mean the approval of the securities to be offered or the offering of those on the regulated market. In order to fully understand the potential risks and benefits of the relevant investment decision it is expedient for the investors to read the prospectus after its publication, prior to making an investment decision regarding the public offering of the shares, and prior to making an investment decision, it is worth to carefully consider the legal, taxation or pay-off consequences of a possible investment in the Company and its securities, including the benefits of the investment and the relevant risks. The Company draws the attention to the fact that the Company and its representatives assume no responsibility for investment decisions based on the conclusions drawn by investors, for its detrimental legal consequences or financial losses.