BÉT Prémium kategória

Extraordinary Announcement


AutoWallis Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság (corporate registry number: 01-10-047350; registered seat: 1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20.; hereinafter: “Issuer”), hereby informs its respected investors about the following:

The Issuer has concluded a contract of contribution in kind with Taródy Operatív Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered seat: 9028 Győr, Külső Veszprémi út 6 ., corporate registry number: 08-09-031617; hereinafter: “Taródy Operatív”) to acquire a quota of INICIÁL AUTÓHÁZ Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered seat: 9028 Győr, Külső Veszprémi utca 6.; corporate registry number: 08-09-010382; hereinafter: “INICIÁL”) of HUF 20,000,000 nominal value, representing 20% of its equity (“Quota”) by the Issuer. 

Pursuant to such contract of contribution in kind, Taródy Operatív shall make available the Quota to the Issuer as non-pecuniary contribution, in return for the Issuer’s newly issued ordinary shares. 

Having regard to this, the Issuer’s Board of Directors has resolved on the issuance of a total of 10,049,568 dematerialized ordinary registered shares of series “C”, in the nominal value of HUF 12.50 and at an issue price of HUF 86.40 per share. As a result, the Issuer’s capital stock shall be increased by HUF 125,619,606 from HUF 3,722,032,825 to HUF 3,847,652,431, while the remaining amount of HUF 742,663,111 shall be included in the Issuer’s capital reserve. 

Pursuant to Section 3:296 (3) of the Hungarian Civil Code, the Issuer shall authorize Taródy Operatív to accept the totality of the shares to be newly issued as provided above, and to supply a final statement of commitment. Taródy Operatív previously made a commitment to accept the totality of the shares to be newly issued and to contribute the Quota. Furthermore, Taródy Operatív made the following commitment in respect of the share package, received in consideration for the contribution in kind, which will be in effect 21 May 2025: 

  1. the ordinary shares may be sold only after 31 May 2021; 
  2. the annual quantity sold may not exceed one third of the quantity of ordinary shares; 
  3. the quantity allowed to be sold daily may not exceed 20% of the average daily liquidity of 180 days; 
  4. the minimum sales price shall be 85% of the of the 30-day average price, under the proviso that no sales offer may be submitted which is 10% lower than the day trade opening price (this restriction shall apply to both stock exchange transactions and OTC transactions); 

The newly issued shares shall be listed on the regulated market of BÉT by the Issuer. 

The preliminary value of the contribution in kind was specified by the auditor hired by the Issuer, TRUSTED ADVISER Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft. (registered seat: 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 66-68. 3. em. 11., registration number: MKVK 005784; personally responsible auditor: Zsolt Szovics, chamber member auditor, managing director, chamber registration number: 002588), in its independent auditor’s report dated 05.08.2020. 

Dated: Budapest, 06 August 2020.
AutoWallis Nyrt.