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Extraordinary Announcement


AutoWallis Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság (company registration no.: 01-10-047350; registered office: 1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20.; hereinafter: “Issuer”) hereby issues the following announcement to its investors:

Based on the contribution agreement of 16 March 2021, as a non-cash contribution WALLIS ASSET MANAGEMENT Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (registered office: 1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20., company registration number: 01-10-046529) contributes and transfers title to 100% of its quota (“Quota”) in DALP Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered office: 1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20.; company registration no.: 01-09-931205) to the Issuer.

In consideration for the value of the quota contribution, as a capital increase, the Issuer issues a total of 15,400,000 (say fifteen million four hundred thousand forints) units of new series “C” dematerialised ordinary shares with a nominal value of HUF 12.50 each (say twelve forints and 50 fillers) and an issue price of HUF 100 each (say one hundred forints), as a result of which the share capital of AutoWallis Nyrt. increases by HUF 192,500,000, say one hundred ninety-two million five hundred thousand forints, from HUF 4,053,921,000, say four billion fifty-three million nine hundred twenty-one thousand forints to HUF 4,246,421,000, say four billion two hundred forty-six million four hundred twenty-one thousand forints, while the remaining HUF 1,347,500,000, say one billion three hundred forty-seven million five hundred thousand forint amount is placed to the Company’s capital reserve;

The value of the contribution was confirmed by TRUSTED ADVISER Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft. (registered office: 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 66-68. 3. em. 11., registration no.: MKVK 005784; personally responsible auditor: Szovics Zsolt, registered auditor, managing director, chamber membership number: 002588) appointed by the Issuer, in the attached independent auditor's report. 

WALLIS ASSET MANAGEMENT Zrt. previously undertook a commitment to accept the newly issued ordinary shares in full and contribute the Quota.

The Issuer is responsible for the procedures related to the creation and registration of the shares at KELER and the Registry Court as well as for the introduction of the shares to the regulated market of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

Please be advised that as a result of the capital increase, the rate of voting rights associated with the shares will change, which entails a reporting obligation for the shareholders under Section 61 of Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market. 

Budapest, 16 March 2021
AutoWallis Nyrt.