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Conversion of shares


AutoWallis Plc. („Autowallis”) has adopted a Board of Directors Resolution on the conversion of the series of „A” and „B” shares on the Board of Directors Meeting held on 30 April 2020 in the competence of the General Annual Meeting as follows:

AtuoWallis converts the 200,000 pieces series A voting preference shares and 200,000 pieces of series B dividend preference shares issued by the Company, into series C ordinary shares in such a manner that an identical quantity, that is, 400,000 pieces in total, of series C ordinary shares replaces the preference shares, with share capital remaining unchanged.

Following the conversion, the number of ordinary shares issued by the Company will increase from 270,261,400 to 270,661,400.

The ordinary shares to be issued to replace series A and B shares will embody the same rights as the currently issued series C ordinary shares.

Clause 6 of the Status is amended accordingly.

The conversion value date will be determined by the Board of Directors after the necessary KELER and stock exchange procedures.

Budapest, 4/5/2020
AutoWallis Nyrt.