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AutoWallis appoints a new director to head up its subsidiary


Starting from January, the AutoWallis subsidiary Wallis Motor Pest and Duna will be led by a new Managing Director: Sándor Mátrabérci joins the Group with 20 years of experience in the upper management of premium vehicle brand sales. In the future, Péter Antal, the former leader of the two companies, will concentrate on managing the AutoWallis Group’s Retail & Services Business Unit exclusively and on ensuring that the targets laid down in the strategy are met.

Sándor Mátrabérci has been appointed Managing Director of Wallis Motor Pest and Duna by the company’s owner, the AutoWallis Group. In the future, in his position he will be responsible for the retail sale and customer service of the BMW, MINI, Maserati, and Isuzu brands at three sites. With more than two decades of upper management experience in the sale of premium automotive brands, the professional will provide effective support in attaining AutoWallis’s goals. In his previous position, Sándor Mátrabérci worked as the Hungarian Brand Manager for Audi. He graduated from the College of Commerce and Catering (today called the Budapest Business School) with a degree in Commercial Business Administration, followed by a second degree in Business and Marketing Economics, and then completed the Agile Leadership training at the Kürt Academy. He started his career at Porsche Hungária in 1992, then, after a brief stint with Renault Hungaria Kft, he returned to Porsche Hungária in 1996 to work in various positions (pricing manager, Brand Manager of WeltAuto) and was Hungarian Brand Manager for Audi from 2003 until 2021, giving him a wide range of experience in the sale of both new and used vehicles.

Last autumn, AutoWallis, a company listed in the Premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange, decided to implement organisational developments across the Group in the interest of supporting company growth by increasing organisational efficiency. Within the meaning of this restructuring, the company put independent leaders at the head of two units (the Retail & Services Business Unit and the Distribution Business Unit): the Retail & Services Business Unit will be headed up by Board Member and former head of Wallis Motor Pest and Duna Péter Antal, who will fill this position full-time. The organisational restructuring was necessary in the interest of ensuring that the significant transactions previously carried out by AutoWallis (acquiring importer’s rights for Opel in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia; acquiring the largest Opel and KIA dealership in Hungary; launching the retail and wholesale of Jaguar and Land Rover models in Hungary; taking over the largest BMW dealership in Slovenia; purchasing shares in Iniciál Autóház) and that planned developments best support the company’s strategy of growth. As the listed automotive company expects a significant increase in revenue and profitability, it is important to effectively utilise the synergies within the Group and to increase operational efficacy and thus profitability as quickly as possible to allow the AutoWallis Group to become a major vehicle trading company and mobility service provider in the Central and Eastern European region by the end of the decade.